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50CrVA High Speed Steel Bar


50CrVA high-speed steel has good mechanical properties and process performance, high hardenability, adding vanadium so that the grain refinement of steel to reduce overheating sensitivity, increased strength and toughness, high fatigue strength, yield ratio is also high . However, poor weldability, cold plastic deformation due to low. It is a kind of higher-grade spring, which is used as a high-load important spring with a large section and a valve spring, a piston spring and a safety valve spring which have working temperature <300 ℃.

In general, the sheet specifications for the 1.5 ~ 10.0MM between the multi-annealed state, more than 10 to 30 mm is not annealed, the market less cash, so often need to book futures. Coil for hot-rolled state, the use of ball annealing to reduce the hardness in order to create the conditions for further processing. Chongqing Special Steel Factory 50CrVA generally annealed, eliminating the need for further annealing treatment.

Medium carbon alloy spring steel, the final heat treatment of steel quenching and tempering, the steel after heat treatment has good toughness, high limit of proportionality and strength limit, with high fatigue strength, similar to the hardenability of 65Si2MnWA, With high hardenability, low thermal sensitivity; parts temperature of 300 ℃, its flexibility can still be maintained. Machining performance of steel is still good, but low plasticity cold deformation, poor weldability.