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M2 High Speed Steel Bar


M2 is a molybdenum-based high-speed steel with the advantages of small carbide inhomogeneity and high toughness.It is easy to overheat, so it should be strictly controlled quenching temperature, more stringent requirements for heat treatment protection due to its hardness and wear resistance, Making cutting tools difficult to cut materials.M2 high-speed steel with carbide tendency, it is more stringent requirements of heat treatment, suitable for shock and shock load to withstand the mold.

Factory hardness: ≤ 255HB
Hardening temperature: 1220-1240
Hardness: ≤63

The main application:

Cold forging die, fine die, powder pressing die, etc., shear mode, add glass fiber plastic mold and so on. Suitable for shock and impact load of the mold: deep-drawn mold, punching die. Metal cutting saw blade, cold heading and extrusion tools.