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M4-PM High Speed Steel Bar

M4-PM are high-sulfur and low-sul- fur versions of high-carbon high speed steel that are pro- duced using state-of-the-art “Generation 3” powder processing technology. This technology provides an exceptional degree of homogeneity and re nement of the primary carbide size distribu- tion in the HIP-consolidated and forged or rolled product com- pared to conventionally ingot-cast tool steels.

The micro-cleanliness of MICROCLEAN PM is signi cantly improved compared to other PM tool steels that are not pro- duced using this same technology – which can be critical for high performance tools or non-tooling components that require good surface integrity or optimum fatigue and toughness properties.

M4-PM high speed steel has a higher hardness, red hardness, wear resistance and toughness. For long-life cold-working high-performance IC die; for high wear-resistant, high toughness of the tool, such as high-life taps, broaches, single-tooth thin blade knives. High-carbon, high vanadium powder high-speed steel, steel contains a large number of W, Mo, Cr, V and other elements, and its carbide formed by the carbon alloy to improve the performance of steel. Because of the uniqueness of powder high-speed steel smelting, the content of alloying elements is higher, especially the application of high V and high Co steel is more common. High-speed steel W, Mo role is similar to the alloy formed by the dissolution of carbon and precipitation hardening, high-speed steel has a special secondary hardening effect, greatly increased red hardness; V in steel is a strong carbide forming elements, VC fine dispersion improves the wear resistance of steel. With the increase of V content, the wear resistance of high-speed steel is improved significantly. Co is one of the strongest alloying elements in solid solution strengthening, which is enhanced by solid solution strengthening High-speed steel hardness and thermosetting, greatly increased tool life. Powder high-speed steel with higher hardness, red hardness, wear resistance and toughness.