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High temperature Alloys


High-temperature alloy refers to the iron, nickel, cobalt-based, at 600 ℃ above the high temperature and a certain stress under the long-term work of a class of metal materials; and has a high-temperature strength, good resistance to oxidation and corrosion resistance, Good fatigue performance, fracture toughness and other comprehensive performance. The superalloy is a single austenite and has good tissue stability and reliability at various temperatures.
Based on the above performance characteristics, and the high degree of alloying degree is higher, also known as "super alloy", is widely used in aviation, aerospace, petroleum, chemical, ship an important material. According to the matrix elements to points, the high-temperature alloy is divided into iron, nickel, cobalt and other high-temperature alloys. Iron-based superalloy use temperature can only reach 750 ~ 780 ℃, for the higher temperature in the use of heat-resistant parts, the use of nickel and refractory metal-based alloy. Nickel-based superalloys have a particularly important place in the field of superalloys and are widely used to manufacture aerospace engines, the hottest components of various industrial gas turbines.