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GH3030 High Temperature Alloy Steel bar


GH3030 solid solution strengthening type superalloy is an early development of 80Ni-20Cr solid solution strengthening type superalloy, the chemical composition is simple, below 800 ℃ with satisfactory thermal strength and high plasticity, and has good anti-oxidation, thermal fatigue, Cold stamping, and welding process performance. The alloy is the solid solution after the single-phase austenite, the use of the process of stable organization. The main products are cold-rolled sheet, can also supply bar, ring, wire and pipe and other deformation products. Turbo engine combustion chamber components intended for use at temperatures below 800 ° C and other high-temperature components which require oxidation at 1100 ° C but are subject to very small loads. GH3030 has a strong thermal processing and cold processing performance, for the production of various chemical equipment and ancillary accessories.