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Nickel Based SuperAlloys

We offer the best quality Nickel Based SuperAlloys for industrial  market

Normally Nickel based super alloy materials is a category of alloy which used from 650°-1000° high temperature, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion environment, main alloy element is Cu, Cr, Mo, with good integrated performance such as acid corrosion resistance, stress resistance. Created in 1905 in USA, from start of Ni-Cu, then Ni-Cr, Ni-Mo, Cr-Cr-Mo created follow market need, not nickel based super alloy materials are the very mature material for ocean industrial application (desalination plant), heat exchange, power station, energy industry, oil, gas, food process, chemical process etc. In this kind of use environment safety is highly strict, by using original, best quality nickel based super alloy is first key element for your business.



Nickel Base Superalloy