Top Steel & Aluminum Alloy Material Supplier of Raised Floor - WixSteel

As a leading alloy material distributor in China, WixSteel has won the trust and support of customers in many industries at home and abroad. We have not only provided a large number of high-quality aluminum alloys and steels for many large-scale construction projects (bridges, tunnels, power stations, steel structure workshops, etc.), but also provided cost control and quality assurance raw material for manufacturing enterprises. Especially in the field of anti-static flooring, we have long-term cooperation with many professional anti-static flooring manufacturers such as Changzhou Huiya Raised Floor Manufacturer. Our alloy materials bring considerable benefits to our partners, and help their products win customers in global market.

Our Alloy Products Are Widely Used In The Production of Raised Floors

The raised floor system that is widely used in data centers, control rooms, clean rooms, and smart offices is elevated structural floor which is supported by adjustable steel stands to reate a hidden void for the passage of mechanical and electrical services. Whether it is a supporting structure (stringer, pedestal) or a panel of an raised access floor, in order to meet the high strength, load capacity and impact resistance, high-end ground steel materials must be selected to ensure the safety and service life of the system. Therefore, WixSteel's alloy steel sheet, alloy steel bar, aluminum alloy sheet, stainless steel and other products have become the favorite of access floor manufacturers.

One of our reliable partner - HuiYa Decoration Materials Co., Ltd, a professional well-known raised floor manufacturer which specialized in producing access floor for years, provided high quality raised floor for some large constructions projects. With outstanding quality and unbeatable price, our steel and aluminum materials have been involved into the producing of their multiple raised floor product series:

All-Steel Access Floor Panels

All-steel raised floor (Steel encapsulated and cement injection) is made of our high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet after stretching and spot welding. The outer surface is phosphatized and sprayed. The inner cavity is filled with foamed cement and the corners are equipped with corner keyholes. Solid and stable Raised Access Floor structure consisting of steel pedestals and bolted stringers reaching heights from 50 mm to 2000 mm. Wire slots can be added around the floor according to the requirements of use. With steel encapsulated cement core panels, the raised floor configuration grants the highest levels of dynamic and static load performance as well as maximum fire rating resistance. These are all can benefited by WixSteel’s corrosion resisting, high strength steel sheets.

Aluminum Raised Floor Panels

Our aluminum alloy are ideal material choice for aluminum raised floor system. Huiya aluminum panels consists of complete die cast aluminum components that are typically used in hi-tech environments such as clean rooms, aerospace center, military command headquarter, data center and other specialized areas. These rigid die cast aluminum panels which made with our cast aluminium alloy plates meet class A fire ratings and offer excellent rolling load performance, will not be deformed by water immersion and moisture.

Raised Floor Support Structure

Our top quality, high performance alloy steel and aluminum material meet the high standard requirement of raised floor support structure, which ensure the long-term security of access floor system!

Raised Floor Pedestals

Raised Floor Pedestal are made out of steel, usually consists of a steel base plate, steel threaded rod, steel hexagon nut, steel spring washer, adjustable steel alloy or die-cast aluminum head plate, anti-vibration PVC gasket and 4 panel locking screws. Typically a two-part assembly consisting of a base and a head. The base is a flat plate welded to a square tube. The head has an all-thread rod welded to a flat plate with holes. The all-thread steel rod is inserted into the tube and the height is adjusted with a locking nut.

Raised Floor Stringers

Raised Floor Stringers are steel or aluminum rods that form a basic grid which provides lateral stability for raised floors. The stringers made of steel and aluminum materials, provides lateral stability for Huiya raised floors for a long time, so far, no customer complaints have been received.

WixSteel is pleased to be a long-term alloy material supplier for manufacturers of access floor system like HUIYA. We are always committed to bringing the highest benefits to our customers and achieving a win-win situation with them!