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Nickel-based corrosion-resistant alloys, which are nickel-based, contain nickel more than 50%, have a certain high temperature strength and other comprehensive properties and can be resistant to oxidation or water easy to medium corrosion. Corresponding to the nickel containing more than 30%, and nickel plus iron more than 50% corrosion resistant alloy, commonly known as iron - nickel based corrosion resistant alloy. 1905 US-made Ni-Cu alloy (Monel alloy Ni 70 Cu30) is the first nickel-based corrosion resistant alloy. In 1914, the United States began production of Ni-Cr-Mo-Cu corrosion resistant alloy (Illium R), in 1920 Germany began to produce about 15% Cr, Mo about 7% Ni-Cr-Mo corrosion-resistant alloy. 70 years of production of corrosion-resistant alloy brands nearly 50 species. Ni-Cr, Ni-Cr, Ni-Cr-Mo (W), Ni-Cr-Mo-Cu and Ni-Fe-Cr, Ni-Fe-Cr -Mo and other alloy series, a total of more than 10 kinds of grades. China began in the 1950s the development of nickel-based and iron - nickel-based corrosion resistant alloy, to the late 70s, has more than 10 brands.


NS111 antioxidant medium corrosion, high temperature on the good carburizing. Mainly used for heat exchangers and steam generator tube, synthetic fiber heating pipe
NS112 antioxidant medium, high temperature carburizing, high heat intensity. Mainly used in synthetic fiber engineering in the heating pipe, furnace tube and heat-resistant components
Stress Corrosion of High Temperature and High Pressure Water in NS113 and Stress Corrosion of Caustic Medium. Mainly used in nuclear power plant steam generator tube.
NS131 is resistant to pitting in a halogen-containing oxidative-reduction composite medium. Mainly used in hydrometallurgical, salt, paper and synthetic fiber industry, chloride ion environment.
Anti - chloride ion corrosion of NS132. Mainly used for flue gas desulfurization equipment, salt equipment, desalination plant.
Corrosion resistance of NS141 oxidation - reduction medium and stress corrosion of chloride medium. Mainly used in sulfuric acid and contains a variety of metal ions and halogen ions of sulfuric acid device.
Corrosion resistance of oxidation resistance and oxidation - reduction of compound corrosion of NS142. Mainly used for heat exchangers and condensers, containing a variety of ions in the sulfuric acid environment.
Corrosion resistance of NS143 oxidation - reduction composite media. Mainly used in sulfuric acid environment and containing halogen ions in the application of sulfuric acid solution, such as hydrometallurgical and sulfuric acid industrial plant.
NS311 anti-oxidant and fluoride ion high temperature nitric acid corrosion, non-magnetic. Mainly used for high temperature nitric acid environment and strong corrosion conditions of non-magnetic components.
NS312 high temperature resistant oxide corrosion. Mainly used for heat treatment and chemical processing industrial installations
NS313 anti-strong oxidizing medium corrosion, high temperature strength. Mainly used for strong corrosive nuclear engineering waste sintering furnace.
NS314 strong oxidizing medium and high temperature nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid mixed medium corrosion. Mainly used in the nuclear industry in the target and components of the dissolver.
NS315 anti-chloride and high temperature and high pressure water stress corrosion, strong oxidizing medium and HNO3-HF mixed corrosion. Mainly used for nuclear power plant heat exchangers, evaporator tube, nuclear engineering chemical post-processing corrosion-resistant components.
NS321 is resistant to strong reducing medium corrosion. Mainly used for hot concentrated hydrochloric acid and hydrogen chloride gas devices and components
NS322 strong redistribution of medium corrosion, improve the resistance to intergranular corrosion. Mainly used for hydrochloric acid and medium concentration of sulfuric acid environment (especially at high temperature devices)
NS331 high temperature hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride gas and fluorine gas corrosion easy to weld. Mainly used in chemical, nuclear and nonferrous metallurgy in the high temperature hydrogen fluoride tube and containers.
NS332 resistant to chloride ion oxidation - reduction media corrosion, resistant to corrosion. Mainly used for wet chlorine, sulfurous acid, hypochlorous acid, hydrochloric acid and chloride solution device.
NS333 Halogen resistant and its compounds are corroded. Mainly used for strong corrosive oxidation - reduction composite media and high temperature seawater application device
NS334 oxidation resistant chloride solution and wet chlorine, hypochlorite corrosion. Mainly used for strong corrosive oxidation - reduction composite media and high temperature seawater welding components.
NS335 resistant to chloride ion oxidation - reduction composite corrosion, good thermal stability of the organization. Wet chlorine, hypochlorous acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, mixed acid, chloride device, after welding directly applied.
NS336 oxidation-reduction composite media, resistant to seawater corrosion, and high thermal strength. Mainly used in the chemical processing industry in the harsh environment or marine environment.
NS337 welding materials, welding coverage, resistance to harsh environmental corrosion. Mainly used for a variety of high-chromium molybdenum nickel-based alloy welding and welding with stainless steel.
NS341 Chloride-containing, fluoride ion acid medium scouring corrosion corrosion. Mainly used in chemical and hydrometallurgical condensers and furnace tubes, containers.
NS411 anti-oxidizing medium corrosion, precipitation hardening, corrosion resistance. Mainly used for nitric acid and other oxidizing acid work in the ball valve and bearing components.
GH113 mainly with Teflon, engineering plastics and injection molding machine screw.

Corrosion Resistance Alloy Products

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