9CrWMn Hardware Tool Steel Bar


9CrWMn steel is a typical alloy Tool steel with high performance on cold work mechanical process. 9CRWMN steel with high abrasion resistance, micro deformation of cold work die steel, the wind hard tool steel, carbon content as high as 0.95%, the heat treatment hardness can reach 64 HRC. 9CRWMN section steel can be used to manufacture of small cross-section, and the complex shape of Die, as well as various measuring tools. Commonly used in stamping die, stamping die, bending die, drawing die, punch and finishing molds Mould.


9CrWMn steel has a little crack sensitivity. It is not suitable to heat up quickly during forging heating. It is best to perform a preheating at 650-750 degrees. The forging heating temperature is 1130-1150 degrees. The final forging temperature should be greater than 800-850 degrees, better use maximum temperature when forging.


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Generally, annealing adopts 780-800 degrees, heat preservation for 4-6 hours, cooling to 550 degrees at ≤50 degrees/hour, and air cooling. Isothermal annealing uses 700-800 degrees for 2-4 hours, and then 670-720 degrees for heat preservation. 2-4 hours, cooling at a cooling rate of ≤50°/hour to 500°C out of the furnace, air cooling, annealing hardness 241-197HB