5A02 Aluminum Alloy Plate

5A02 for the Al-Mg rust-proof aluminum alloy, non-heat treatment enhanced. The alloy has a low magnesium content, a higher plasticity, a molded model, and a lower strength, but higher than the strength of the 3A21 alloy.


Cold deformation can increase its strength while plasticity is reduced. The corrosion resistance of the alloy is good and suitable for use in marine environments. Alloy welding is good. Its machinability in the annealing state is poor, semi-cold cherry blossom state can improve the machinability.



5A02 alloy for a high degree of plastic requirements and good corrosion resistance of the welding structure and containers, such as fuel tanks, gasoline and lubricants pipes, nails, flanges, and light load parts, ships, vehicles, Wire used as a rivet or electrode.