ACP 5080R Aluminum Alloy Plate


Cast plate with fine grain structure, low porosity and exceptional machining properties

Fine grain structure, low porosity and excellent machining characteristics all define the cost saving and value added attributes of every block and plate of ACP 5080R. Outstanding industry leading material dimensional stability along with good mechanical and physical properties and an extraordinary range of sizes allow users of ACP 5080R to utilize alimex’s material and knowledge expertise at its finest. Being an industry innovator and leader, alimex was the first to introduce aluminum cast plate (ACP 5080R) manufactured to AA 5083 alloy specifications. We take pride in every plate and block produced!


Sawn low-tension, aluminium cast slabs, mold making plates and cuts.


ACP 5080R was designed especially for application fields which require optimal structural strength. A fine-grained, pore-free aluminium cast structure characterizes the rough cut ACP 5080R aluminium cast slabs, plates and cuts. A specific heat treatment additionally homogenizes the material and removing tension. The result is a low-tension material with well-balanced mechanical characteristics. ACP 5080R can be ordered in exceptional measurements: aluminium cast plates are available in any gauge from 0.375″ to 43.30″ and a unit weight of up to 55,000 lb’s.


[alimex delivers the aluminum cast slabs, plates and cuts not only as mold making plates. ACP 5080R with its fine-grained aluminum cast structure is also a material of high relevance in other industries.]


Chemical Composition

EN AW-5083 (AlMg4.5Mn0.7), acc. to DIN EN 573- 3 / 3.3547


Material Properties

Machinability very good (HSC/HPS excellent)

Weldability (TIG, MIG) good (with S Al 5183)

Anodising Properties good, not decorative

Polishing very good

Corrosion Resistance very good

Eroding Properties good


Typical Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength Rm 240-290 MPa (N/mm2)

0.2 % Yield Strength Rp 0.2 110-130 MPa (N/mm2)

Elongation A 5 % 15

Brinell Hardness HB 70


Typical Physical Properties

Density 96* 10-3 lb/in3

Thermal Conductivity 63 – 81 Btu/(ft* h˚F)

Electrical Conductivity ~35% IACS

Modulus of Elasticity 10.3* 103ksi

Coefficient of Thermal

Expansion 13.5* 10-6/˚F


Thickness Range & Sizes

Thickness between 0.3150“ and 41.34“. Plates and pre-cut sizes in


every dimension depending on the block formats.


Thickness max.Width* max. Length*

22.44“ x 51.97“ x 118.90“ (up to 236.22“)

22.44“ x 59.84“ x 118.90“ (up to 236.22“)

22.44“ x 61.81“ x 144.49“ (up to 236.22“)

22.44“ x 85.04“ x 157.48“ (up to 236.22“)

31.50“ x 61.81“ x 157.48“

41.34“ x 66.93“ x 118.11“ (up to 157.48“)

(Blanks, rings and pre-cut sizes on request.)


> 85.04“ Width: Please see the product information for ACP 5080 GIANT / ACP 5080R GIANT




Surface sawn on all sides

Tolerance in Thickness -0″/+0.125“ (closer on request)

Tolerance in Width for Plates -0″/+0.375″

Tolerance in Length for Plates -0″/+0.060″

Tolerance (L/W) for Sized Cuts -0″/+0.125″ (closer on request)