LY12 Aluminum Alloy Bar


LY12 is a typical hard aluminum alloy in aluminum-copper-magnesium system, whose composition is reasonable and its comprehensive performance is good. Many countries produce this alloy, is the largest amount of hard aluminum. The alloy is characterized by: high strength, a certain degree of heat resistance, can be used as working parts below 150 ° C. At temperatures above 125 ° C, the strength of 2024 alloy is higher than that of 7075 aluminum alloy. The hot formability, annealed and newly quenched state are good formability, heat treatment to strengthen the effect of significant, but the heat treatment process demanding. Corrosion resistance is poor, but with pure aluminum coating can be effectively protected; easy to crack when welding, but the use of special processes can be welded, you can riveting. Widely used in aircraft structures, rivets, truck wheels, propeller components and other structures.



1. Tightness of organization: The unique grain refinement process assures that the aviation product series all pass the ultrasonic testing procedures of aerospace aluminum alloy products without sand holes, cracks, bubbles and impurities.



2. Internal stress: the perfect pre-tensioning process to eliminate internal stress, the maximum elimination of internal stress, the product processing and stress will not warp, cracking and deformation.



3. Tolerance Accuracy: The products all comply with ASTM and AMS, the tolerance index of most products can exceed the ASTM1 / 2 tolerance precision, and the tolerance index of some products can even exceed ASTM 1 / 4 standard tolerance accuracy.



4 processing performance: the chemical composition, strength and hardness to minimize the deviation in the processing will not happen, "stick knife", "chipping" phenomenon.

5. Uniformity: Excellent heat treatment technology, the product below the thickness of 300mm (or diameter), strength, hardness can be consistent.

6. Stability: all the production process computer control, human error is less, different batches of production can also guarantee the same performance.

7. Dyeing effect: Dyeing treatment effect is uniform and shiny, the surface without "streak" or "spot" shape, the phenomenon of different colors.

8. Corrosion resistance: through the microscopic examination of metals and alloys, has excellent resistance to stress corrosion and scaling of the anti-corrosion flaking, in a variety of media (such as water vapor, weak acid, weak base, etc.) long-term use will not Produce pits or black phenomenon.

9. High temperature performance: 400 ℃ in the working environment will not produce permanent deformation.

10. Bending performance: all through the semi-conductive plate bending test, bending 180 degrees will not produce cracking phenomenon.