PLANAL 7075 Aluminum Alloy Plate


Aluminium rolled plates and cuts – Double-side-machined if requested


PLANAL materials are a range of rolled aluminium plates which are precision surface machined on both sides. High strength and high precision are the main features of this product group. PLANAL 5083 is given a thermal treatment to relieve any built-in stress before precision surface machining. PLANAL materials are available from 0.2362“ in thickness, oversize width plates are also possible. Special requirements can always be considered. The range of material involves full plates, cut to size blanks and rings.


Next to aluminium rolled materials complying with DIN EN norm with the alloys 5083, 6082, 7075, PLANAL materials are available as plates, precision cuts, round blanks and rings in any measurement desired according to the available gauges and plate dimensions.


PLANAL 5083, PLANAL 6082 and PLANAL 7075 combine the high consistency of a rolled plate with the precision of a surface machined surface. With the two-sided milling and stripping of the rolling skin on both the upper- and under-surface, an outstanding error margin for rolled plates is achieved. Mechanical characteristics and conditions of PLANAL materials are maintained throughout the cutting process. In order to reduce tension and warping, PLANAL 5083 is additionally heat-treated before milling. This material is available at gauges from 0.236″. Gauges of between 0.375″ and 1.00″ at a width of up to 98.00″ are available to order.


These aluminum rolled plates and cuts combine the distinctiveness of precision surface machined plates with the advantages of rolled material properties.