PLANOXAL-50 aluminum alloy plate


PLANOXAL-50 is the ultra-flat patent plate PLANOXAL-50 produced by American ALCAN company, with exceptionally low internal stress, and factory stress removal technology, excellent anodized aluminum and oxidation treatment, the welding performance is also very good, good Machinability, good corrosion resistance in marine air, perennial applications in the United States Boeing aircraft and military products, for technical and high-tech industrial applications.


PLANOXAL-50 Typical Applications:


The main uses include packaging machines, military machines, semiconductor precision components, as well as food thermostat aircraft, aircraft accessories.


PLANOXAL-50 Chemical Composition:


Si 0.40max,

Fe 0.40max,

Cu 0.10max,

Mn 0.4 to 1.0,

Mg 4.0 to 4.9,

Cr 0.05-0.25,

Zn 0.25max,

Ti 0.15max,

Other ingredients maximum content of 0.05,

Other components maximum total content of 0.15, the balance of Al. Typical PLANOXAL-50 chemical composition standard.


PLANOXAL-50 Mechanical Properties Applications:


Tensile strength: 295 R.R.Moore type test, cycle 5 * 108 times the total reverse stress.


PLANOXAL-50 Physical Properties Availability Specifications:


6.35-10 mm, Planoxal-50 sold in O state;

10mm above, Planoxal-50 to H111 state


Sale and delivery size: 6.35-100mm, wide length of 1250/1520 × 3020mm.