409 Stainless Steel Bar


409 stainless steel is a Ferritic steel that offers good mechanical properties and high-temperature corrosion resistance. It is commonly considered as a chromium stainless steel, with applications in exhaust systems of automobiles and applications that demand weldability.


Grade 409 steel are also available in highly stabilized forms, such as grades S40930, S40920, and S40910. The stability of these grades is provided by the presence of niobium, titanium, or both, in the composition of steels.


Chemical Composition:


Carbon C: ≤0.08

Manganese Mn: ≤1.00

Silicon Si: ≤1.00

Chromium Cr: 10.5~11.75

Nickel Ni: ≤0.50

Phosphorus P: ≤0.045

Sulfur S: ≤0.03

Titanium Ti: (6C~0.75)

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