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Cr12 Hardware Tool Steel Bar

Cr12 tool steel is a widely used cold work die steel, with high strength, good hardenability and good wear resistance, but poor impact toughness. Mainly used to bear the impact load is small, requiring high wear-resistant die and punch, cold cut scissors, drill sets, gauges, drawing die, die stamping, rolling plate, drawing die and thread rolling die.

Cr12 steel is a kind of high-carbon, high-chromium, austenitic steel, which is also widely used in cold work die steel. The steel has better hardenability, wear resistance and hot workability. In the manufacture of complex shapes, heavy working conditions under a variety of cold die, such as die punch, thread rolling die, drawing die, die, metallurgical powder mold, woodworking tools, cold cut scissors drill and gauges and other tools. In the course of our research and development, after repeated exploration and testing, we have formulated reasonable smelting processes and special ingot molds and forging processes to achieve a uniform material organization. In addition, the standard materials are processed with bold innovations. The double-chip cutting process is adopted. Large increase in efficiency, shorten the cycle and reduce costs.