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F40MnV Hardware Tool Steel Bar


Single hit compression tests were performed at 1 223–1 473 K and strain rate of 0.1–10 s−1 to study hot deformation behavior and flow stress model of F40MnV steel. The dependence of the peak stress, initial stress, saturation stress, steady state stress and peak stain on Zener-Hollomon parameter were obtained. The mathematical models of dynamic recrystallization fraction and grain size were also obtained. Based on the tested data, the flow stress model of F40MnV steel was established in dynamic recovery region and dynamic recrystallization region, respectively. The results show that the activation energy for dynamic recrystallization is 278.6 kJ/mol by regression analysis. The flow stress model of F40MnV steel is proved to approximate the tested data and suitable for numerical simulation of hot forging.


Hot compression test of F40MnV without quenching-and-tempering steel was conducted on Gleeble 1500 at the temperature 1 223-1 473 K and strain rate of 0. 1-10 s-1 to research its hot deformation behavior. The deformation energy was caculated. The dependence of the peak stress and peak strain on Zener-Hollomon parameter was studied. The mathmatical models of volume fraciton and grain size after dynamical recrystallization were also obtained as follows.