H13 Hardware Tool Steel Bar 


H13 is a hot work die steel, is based on the carbon steel alloy elements formed by the formation of steel, the implementation of standard GB / T1299-2014. Unified digital code T20502; grade 4Cr5MoSiV1 . In the medium temperature (~ 600 °) under the comprehensive performance, high hardenability (in the air that can be hardened), heat treatment deformation rate is low, its performance and service life is higher than 3Cr2W8V . Can be used for forging hammer forging die, aluminum die-casting mold, hot extrusion die, high-precision precision forging die and forging press die.



H13 steel is the most widely used and the most representative hot work die steel, its main features are:


(1) has high hardenability and high toughness;

(2) excellent resistance to thermal cracking, in the workplace, can be water-cooled;

(3) with a moderate wear resistance, you can also use carburizing or nitriding process to improve its surface hardness, but slightly lower resistance to thermal cracking capacity;

(4) because of its low carbon content, tempering secondary hardening capacity is poor;

(5) has a softening resistance at higher temperatures, but the use of temperature higher than 540 ℃ (1000 ℉) hardness decreased rapidly (ie, the working temperature of 540 ℃);

(6) heat treatment deformation is small;

(7) medium and high machinability;

(8) medium anti-decarburizing ability.

More notably, it can also be used to make important components in the aerospace industry.

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