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W9Mo3Cr4V Mould Steel Bar


W9Mo3Cr4V high-speed steel is a medium-sized tungsten-based, adding a small amount of molybdenum, carbon and vanadium content of the appropriate control methods to achieve improved performance, improve quality, save alloying elements of the purpose of universal tungsten-molybdenum-based high-speed steel.


W9Mo3Cr4V high-speed steel (hereinafter referred to as W9) metallurgical quality, process performance of both W18Cr4V steel (referred to as W18) and W6Mo5Cr4V2 steel (referred to as W6) advantages and to avoid or significantly reduce the main shortcomings of the two. This is a universal new type of steel that has good comprehensive performance in line with China's resources and production conditions. The steel is easy to be smelted, has good hot and cold plasticity, high product rate, and the distribution characteristics of carbides are superior to W18. Similar to M2, the decarburization sensitivity is lower than M2, and the production cost is lower than that of W18 and M2. Due to the heat and cold plasticity of the steel, it can meet the requirements of the mechanical manufacturing plant using multiple upsetting and upsetting, high frequency heating plastic forming process and cold drawing deformation process.

The steel cutting performance is good, grinding performance and solderability better than M2, thermal sensitivity of less than M2 over heat. The main mechanical properties of steel: hardness, red hardness level equivalent to or slightly higher than W18 and M2; strength, toughness higher than the W18, and M2 quite: made of the machine saw blade, the size of the drill, broach, hob, cutter , Taps and other tools life is higher than the W18, equal to or higher than the service life of M2, gear shaper life and M2 equivalent. Rolling with W9 steel rolling wheel superalloy received significant effect when rolling. After properly changing the quenching and tempering process, W9 steel is also very suitable for manufacturing high load molds, especially cold extrusion molds.