DIN 1.3246 High Speed Steel Bar


DIN 1.3246 high-speed steel steel is a tungsten-molybdenum series cobalt-containing high-speed tool steel. Because the mass fraction of cobalt in the steel is 4.75%~5.75%, the high-temperature hardness and hot hardness of the steel are improved. Deformation, and good abrasion resistance. The disadvantage of this steel is its poor grinding performance. 

In order to meet the requirements of cutting tool linear speed up to 80m/min and cutting edge temperature up to 600℃, tool hardness>60HRC during the cutting process, high-speed steel is obtained by adding a large amount of W, Mo, Cr, V and other alloy elements to high-carbon steel W and Mn can improve the thermal hardness of steel. When the tempering temperature is 500 ~ 600°C, W and Mo precipitate and form Mo2C and W2C, and secondary hardening occurs. The hardness of the steel not only does not decrease, but increases.


Chemical Composition:


  • C: 1.05~1.15
  • Mn: 0.20~0.60
  • Si: 0.15~0.50
  • S: ≤0.030
  • P: ≤0.030
  • Cr: 3.75~4.50
  • V: 1.75~2.25
  • W: 3.25~4.25
  • Mo: 4.75~5.75
  • Co: 4.50~5.00


Mechanical Properties:


Quenching and tempering hardness 66 ~ 68HRC, bending strength 2500 ~ 3000MPa, impact absorption energy 0.23 -0.35J, hardness at 600°C 54HRC.


Equvialent Grade:


  • China GB standard grades: W7Mo4Cr4V2Co5,
  • American AISI / ASTM standard: M41,
  • United States UNS standard grade: T11341,
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard grade: HS2-9-1-8,
  • French NF standard grade: HS7-4-2-5,
  • German DIN standard grade: S74-2-5,
  • Germany DIN standard material number: 1.3246,
  • British BS standard grade: M41

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