55Cr3 Spring Steel Bar


55Cr3 is high strength, plasticity and toughness, better hardenability, lower overheat sensitivity than manganese steel, lower decarburization tendency than silicomanganese steel, and greater temper brittleness spring steel. It is used to make leaf springs with heavier load and greater stress and coil springs with larger diameters in the vehicle and tractor industries.The outstanding advantage is the good hardenability, and the thermal processing performance, comprehensive mechanical performance, and decarburization resistance are also good for various important springs with large cross-sections, such as large leaf springs and coil springs for automobiles and locomotives.


Chemical Composition:


 C(%):  SI(%): Mn(%): S (%):  P (%):  Cr(%): Ni(%):  Cu(%):  V(%):


0.17~0.370.65~0.95 ≤0.030 ≤0.0300.65~0.95 ≤0.35≤0.250.10~0.20


Mechanical properties:


 Tensile Strength σb (MPa): Yield Strength σ0.2 (MPa): Elongation δ5 (%):Section shrinkage ψ (%):  Hardness: 
≥ 1225 (125)  ≥1080 (110)≥ 9 ≥20 

Hot Rolled: ≤ 321HB

Cold Rolled + Heat treatment: ≤ 321 HB


Physical Properties:


Modulus of elasticity
Mean coefficient of thermal expansion 10-6/(°C) between 20(°C) andThermal conductivity
Specific thermal capacity
Specific electrical resistivity
(Ω mm²/m)
Poisson’s coefficient, ν
12--  0.11- 
234358-42.3243 - 
427-4424.2  222112


55Cr3 Technical Data Sheet PDF


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