WQ960 High Strength Steel Plate


WQ960 is a high strength structural quenched and tempered steel, steel to quenched (tempering + quenching) state delivery. WQ690's Yield strength of 960MPa above, the general thickness of not more than 50mm, and most of the thickness of 30mm or less, it is widely used in the manufacture of more than 100 tons of car chassis, pumping machinery, excavators, truck cranes, crawler cranes, coal mine hydraulic support. 

Second, the implementation of WQ690 standards and the corresponding grades WQ960 implementation of the WJB (Wugang technical agreement) standards, corresponding to GB (GB) Q960 and EN (European standard) S960Q. 

Third, WQ960 common grades WQ960 common grades WQ960D, WQ960E, spot more, but also more common. There are other WQ960C and WQ960F, but the market is not common, the stock is basically no. WQ960D corresponds to the European standard S960Q, WQ960E corresponds to the European standard S960QL.