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15CrMoR Pressure Vessel Steel Plate


15CrMoR belongs to Cr-Mo series steel, now is currently widely used in heat-resisting steel and hydrogen resistant steel. As a result of the low carbon steel by adding Cr, Mo and other alloying elements, greatly improving the overall performance of steel. Such as good high temperature mechanical properties, high temperature oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, good toughness, process performance and weldability, it is widely used in the manufacture of petrochemical, coal conversion, nuclear power, turbine cylinder, thermal power and other conditions of use Harsh, corrosive medium complex large equipment. 15CrMoR is one of the most widely used varieties.

15CrMoR used for the production of reactor, heat exchanger, separator, spherical tank, oil and gas tank, liquefied gas tank, nuclear reactor pressure shell, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, turbine volute, due to petrochemical, coal conversion, nuclear power, , Such as: water washing tower, second conversion furnace, coke tower, desulfurization tank, reforming gas waste heat boiler, methanation furnace, reactor, regenerator, hydrogenation reactor, and so on. Methane generator, gas generator and other components of the construction and construction projects, the use of large quantities of 15CrMoR or 15CrMoR temporary hydrogen, 15CrMoR (H) steel plate more than 10,000 tons.