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16MnDR Pressure Vessel Steel Plate

16MnR is a common low-alloy steel, is a common material for boiler pressure vessels, steel, boiler pressure vessels. Its high strength, good plastic toughness. The common delivery status is hot rolling or normalizing. It is a low alloy high strength steel with low Mn content. The tensile strength is slightly stronger (450-655) and the elongation is 19-21%. The technical standard is GB6654-1996 "Steel Plates for Pressure Vessels".

16MnR steel is a pressure vessel special plate with yield strength of 340MPa grade, it has good comprehensive mechanical properties and process performance. Phosphorus, sulfur content than ordinary 16Mn steel, in addition to tensile strength, elongation requirements than ordinary 16Mn steel has been improved, but also required to ensure impact toughness, was China's most widely used, the largest amount of pressure vessel special steel.