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Q345R/SA 515 GR 60 Pressure Vessel Steel Plate

Q345R steel is the yield strength of 340MPa grade pressure vessel dedicated board, it has good mechanical properties and process performance. Phosphorus, sulfur content lower than low alloy high strength steel Q345 (16Mn) steel, in addition to tensile strength, elongation requirements than Q345 (16Mn) steel has increased, but also requiresguaranteed impact toughness. It is currently the most widely used of the largest amount of special steel pressure vessel.

Chemical Composition:

Grade C Si Mn Cr Ni Mo Nb V P S Alt
Q345R ≤0.20 ≤0.55 1.20-1.60           ≤0.025 ≤0.015 ≥0.020

Mechanical properties:

Thickness/mm Tensile strengthR/(N/㎡) Yield strengthR/(N/㎡) ElongationA/% Temperature/℃ Impact energy absorptionKV2/J 180°Bending diameter(b≥35mm)
>16-36 510-640 ≥345 ≥21 0 ≥34 d=2a
>36-60 500-630 ≥325 ≥21 0 ≥34 d=3a