2029 Aluminum Alloy Bar


2029 Aluminum alloy was developed by Alcoa for use in aerospace and other applications benefiting from its superior combination of high yield strength, improved fracture toughness, and corrosion resistance. 2029 Aluminum alloy is available in the stress-relieved and artificially-aged T8 temper from 0.063 to 0.600 inches (1.60 to 15.24 mm) thick. Good corrosion resistance in bare 2029-TS is further enhanced by the application of a commercially pure clad layer (1000-series) to anodically protect the core (substrate) in aggressive, corrosive environments. 


Chemical Composition:


Cu MgAgMn Zr Si Fe TiAl 
3.2-4.0%0.8-1.1% 0.30-0.50% 0.20-0.40% 0.08-0.15% 0.12 Max 0.15 Max 0.15 Max Balance 


Mechanical Properties:

2024 aluminum alloy mechanical properties




2029 Aluminum alloy is targeted as a replacement for current and legacy fuselage alloys, such as AA2.x24-T3. The combination of high yield strength and fracture toughness can be best utilizedf or primary metallic structures requiring high damage tolerance including fuselage and leading edge wing structures, but its usage is not limited to such applications.

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