4047 Aluminum Alloy Coil


4047 aluminum (also known as alloy 4047 and AL4047) is an aluminum silicon brazing or filler alloy with good corrosion resistance. The main difference between alloy 4047 and it’s AL4043 counterpart is its higher silicon content. With 11-13% silicon, AL 4047 is generally used when high fluidity and reduced shrinkage and hot cracking is needed for specific repairs or manufacturing. Additionally, 4047 is suitable at elevated temperatures making it particularly useful in the automotive industry for parts and engine blocks. Other applications include welding filler wires, leak tight joints, housing requirements, window frames, liners such as laser welded covers for microwave integrated circuits, and other similar devices.

4047 is one of 4000 series alloys. 4 series aluminum alloys are aluminum alloys with silicon as the main alloying element. Most of the alloys are heat-treated non-strengthable aluminum alloys, which refer to alloys containing Cu, Mg, and Ni, as well as welding heat treatment strengthening After the alloy has absorbed certain elements, it may be strengthened by heat treatment. Because of the high silicon content, low melting point, good melt fluidity, and the final product will not be brittle, this series of alloys are mainly used to make aluminum alloy welding additives, such as brazing plates, welding rods and welding wires. In addition, due to the high wear resistance and high temperature resistance of some of this series of alloys, they are also used to make pistons and heat-resistant parts. The alloy containing about 5% of silicon is black-gray after anodizing and coloring, so it is used as building materials and manufacturing decorative parts.

4047 alloy aluminium is a non-heat treatable wrought alloy type with good corrosion resistance. It is a filler alloy, and is quite similar to aluminium / aluminum 4043 except for the higher silicon content in 4047 aluminum alloy. The higher silicon content provides improved fluidity during welding process with smooth finishes, as well as reduced shrinkage. It is suitable for elevated temperature operations.

Physical Properties:

Density2.6 g/cm30.096 lb/in3

Typical Parameters:


Wire diameterRangeBase material thicknessSuggestedWire feedGas flowConsumption
100 ft of weld
   0.09411023320 1.8
   0.12513023380 2
   0.18715024430 4
   0.25017524510 6
   0.12513024360 2
   0.25017025470 6
   0.12515026290 2
   0.25019026370 6
   0.37522027430 16
   0.37523027215 16
   0.50026028240 30
   0.75028029261 50
   1.00030030280 105
   0.75029029175 50
   >1.00030030180 150+



  • Laser welded covers for microwave integrated circuits
  • Housing
  • Welding filler wires
  • Liners
  • Leak-tight joints

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