7A04 Aluminum Alloy Bar

7A04 aluminum alloy for the most commonly used super-hard aluminum, high-strength alloy, heat treatment enhanced. Usually in the quenching artificial aging state, this time the strength is much higher than the average hard aluminum, but the plastic is low; section is not too thick squeeze semi-finished products and aluminum package has a good corrosion resistance, with stress concentration tendency. Good spot weldability, poor gas welding, machinability is good after heat treatment, lower in annealed condition.


Al-Zn-Mg-Cu series of ultra-high strength aluminum alloy, also known as super-hard aluminum, is super-hard aluminum want to mature. Use a longer and wider alloy. High strength, good heat treatment effect, annealing and new quenching under the state of plastic medium; and hard aluminum, artificial aging under the state of corrosion resistance than the natural aging state of the corrosion resistance is good, and the natural aging process is slow, subject to 3 After the month to achieve the aging hardening peak, so 7A04 in the quenching artificial aging state to use. The disadvantage is the organization stability is not high, low-frequency fatigue strength is low, there is stress corrosion cracking tendency. Alloy spot welding good weldability, poor gas welding, heat treatment can be good machinability, but the machinability after annealing is poor.

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