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F53 Duplex Stainless Steel Bar


F53 with its good overall performance (corrosion resistance, weldability, formability), become the most widely used, the largest amount of nickel alloy material. However, the sharp fluctuations in international alloy prices in recent years, especially the soaring and sluggish nickel prices in the future, have caused the F53 price to fluctuate substantially and bring huge cost pressures to users. Everyone is looking for a new Materials to reduce the cost of stainless steel. China's F53 major manufacturers have the production of F53's technology and equipment and development capabilities, and has been mass production, product technology maturity, quality and stability; but given the lag in industry, or less than the import F53.

F53 chemical composition:

Material C Mg P S Si Ni Cr Mo N Cu
F53 0.030 1.20 0.035 0.02 0.80 6.0-8.0 24.0-26.0 3.0-5.0 0.24-0.32 0.50
  From the F53 steel composition design and process technology to improve the lack of domestic F53, resulting in a variety of good performance of the F53 nickel-based materials, including the best F53 treatment to F53 corrosion resistance, processing and welding performance reached Expected results, we can look at the common approach:
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F53 overall heat treatment - F53 annealing ---- Including incomplete / complete annealing and isothermal annealing, ball annealing, stress relief annealing.
F53 overall heat treatment - F53 normalizing - mainly to improve the mechanical properties of low-carbon steel F53, improve machinability.
F53 overall heat treatment - F53 quenching ---- quenching medium brine quenching, water quenching and oil quenching.
F53 overall heat treatment - F53 tempering ---- common tempering process are: low temperature tempering, tempering at high temperature, high temperature tempering and multiple tempering
F53 overall heat treatment - F53 quenching ---- in order to obtain a certain F53 strength and toughness
F53 overall heat treatment - F53 aging ---- to improve the hardness, strength or electrical magnetic F53 alloy
F53 chemical heat treatment - F53 carburizing ---- Carburizing According to the aggregation of penetration agent is divided into solid carburizing, liquid carburizing, carburizing gas three.
F53 chemical heat treatment - F53 nitriding - commonly used is gas nitriding and ion nitriding.
F53 chemical heat treatment - F53 infiltration of metal --- F53 board, F53 rods, F53 tube
F53 surface heat treatment - F53 flame quenching - the main technical parameters are F53 surface hardness, local hardness and effective hardened layer depth.
F53 Surface Heat Treatment - F53 Induction Heating - Parts Select this treatment if the local hardness requirements are high.