T12 Hardware Tool Steel Bar


T12 steel due to high carbon content, after quenching more excess carbide, according to the wear resistance and hardness suitable for making impact load from the cutting speed is not high, the cutting edge is not hot tool, such as the production of lathes, Planer turning tools, milling cutters, drill bit; Reamer, reaming drill, tap, die, scraper, gauge, cut tobacco knife, file, and the section of the small cold-edge die, punching die.


Chemical composition:



 Equivalent Grade:


  • China GB standard grade T12,
  • China Taiwan CNS standard grades SK120,
  • Germany DIN standard material number 1.1663,
  • German DIN standard grade C125W2,
  • France AFN0R standard grade Y2120,
  • French NF standard grade C12E3U,
  • Italy UNI standard grade C120KU,
  • UNION UNE standard grade (C120),
  • Japan JIS standard grades SK120,
  • American ASTM / AISI / SAE standard grade W1A-11 & frac12 ;,
  • United States UNS standard grade T72301,
  • Russia r0CT standard grade Y12 ,
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard grade TC120,
  • Swedish SS standard grade 1885,
  • British B5 standard grade BW1C,
  • South Korea KS standard grade STC2.

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