HSP-15 High Speed Steel Bar


HSP-15 is a high-speed tool steel in the Swedish standard. It can still maintain high hardness at a working temperature of about 600°C. Has good wear resistance, that is, the ability to resist wear. Under the condition of considerable pressure and friction, the tool can still keep its shape and size unchanged. It has certain high-temperature mechanical properties, thermal fatigue, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.


Chemical Composition:


1.20~1.35≤0.45≤0.40≤0.030≤0.0303.80~4.503.00 ~ 3.503.20~3.909.00 ~ 10.009.50 ~ 10.50


Mechanical Propoerties:


Tensile Strength
Impact Energy
Elongation at Fracture
Reduction in Cross Section on Fracture
Impact toughness value αkv (J/cm2) Hardness
≥ 1800(80) ≥ 1980(100) ≥ 98

≥ 9

 ≥ 60

≥ 80(6)

≤61 HRC


Mechanical properties:


Hardness: Delivery hardness: (other processing methods) ≤ 269HB; (annealing) ≤ 255HB. Sample heat treatment system and quenching and tempering hardness: ≥64HRC


Heat treatment specification and metallographic organization:


Heat treatment specifications: quenching, 730 ~ 840 ° C preheating, 1190 ~ 1210 ° C (salt bath furnace) or 1200 ~ 1220 ° C (box furnace) heating, oil cooling, 540 ~ 560 ° C tempering 2 times, each time 2h.

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