W10Mo4Cr4V3Al High Speed Steel Bar


W10Mo4Cr4V3Al is Chinese standard steel grade, is high-quality high-speed tool steel for high-end digital control machine.


(1) hardness


In the 600 ℃ operating temperature can still maintain a high hardness. The red hardness of the hot deformation of the mold and high-speed cutting tool steel is a very important performance.



(2) wear resistance


Has a good wear resistance, that is, the ability to resist wear and tear. The tool retains its shape and size without being subject to considerable pressure and friction.



(3) strength and toughness


Cobalt high-speed tool steel is in the general high-speed tool steel on the basis of adding a certain amount of cobalt, can significantly improve

Steel hardness, abrasion resistance, and toughness.



(4) other performance


With certain high-temperature mechanical properties, thermal fatigue, thermal conductivity, and wear resistance and so on.

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