45CrNiMo1V Structural Steel Bar


45CrNiMoV belongs to low alloy ultra-high strength steel. China has developed D6AC alloy steel with high yield ratio, high strength, good toughness, high strength at high temperature and no tempering brittleness. The steel has high surface hardness and wear resistance after penetration quenching, general machinability, medium plasticity during cold deformation, but a little sensitive and tempering brittleness. It is generally used after penetration carbon and secondary quenching and low tempering. After carburizing and secondary quenching and tempering at low temperature, it is used to manufacture large carburized parts with high load. It should be used after normalizing or annealing, quenching and tempering.

45CrNiMo1V steel is an excellent aerospace industrial material with high strength, good toughness and crack propagation resistance, as well as good corrosion resistance and good comprehensive processing performance. Because of its high hardenability and wide range of heat treatment process, satisfactory comprehensive performance can be obtained by heat treatment. The alloy steel is widely used in key structures of aircraft, such as landing gear, solid fuel rocket motor shell, shaft, gear, bearing, punching die, cushion block, etc.


Mechanical property:

Tensile strength b(MPa):Yield strength_0.2 (MPa):Elongation delta 5 (%):Section shrinkage_(%):Impact toughness value alphaku (J/cm2):

Heat treatment specifications: oil quenching at 860 C, tempering at 460 C, 2 hours, oil cooling.


Chemical composition:




Sometimes you may find some alloy material name looks similar as 45CrNiMo1V, such as 45CrNiMoV or 45CrNiMoVa, that because China alloy steel standard change much from 1980s to now, sometimes same material they give them different names, that make a bit of confuse, but when you read the difference of these 3 materials, you will make your mind clear about it, here is the link for the difference:

What is the difference about 45CrNiMo1V, 45CrNiMoV and 45CrNiMoVa


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