IE0650 High Strength Steel Plate


IE0650 is Caterpillar's low-alloy high-strength steel sheet. The surface quality requirements are very demanding, and the dimensional shape weight and allowable deviation should comply with ASTM A6. The unevenness of the steel plate shall not exceed 4mm/m, and the number of waves of the steel plate shall not exced 3 per 4m.



Manufacturing plant, general building and all kinds of engineering machinery, such as mining and drilling rig used in various types of construction, power shovel, electric tip lorry, mining truck, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, various types of cranes, hydraulic support for coal mine and other machinery equipment and other components. 



Standard: GB1591, GB/T1591, JIS G 3106, JIS G 3101, GB/T 16270, JIS G 3106, JIS G 3101, DIN17100, DIN17102, ASTM, EN10025, En10113, S4360, ISO4590-2, ISO630, WYJGrade: IE0650