Monel 404 Alloy Steel Bar


Monel 404 is nickel copper alloys with high strength and excellent corrosion resistance to sea water, hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid and alkalis. Typical applications for this material include marine use, chemical processing, fasteners, heat exchangers and pump parts.


MONEL alloys contain nickel and copper as the main components. Robert Crooks Stanley discovered this alloy in 1901 while working at the International Nickel Company.


There are a number of MONEL alloys available commercially including MONEL 400, 401, 404, R-405, 450 and K-500. The standard forms in which MONEL alloys are available are hexagon, flats, forging stock, tube and pipe.


MONEL 404 has a relatively high copper content, hence is suitable for electric and electronic applications. The content of the elements that make up the MONEL 404 is adjusted such that the alloy has a very low Curie temperature, low permeability and good brazing characteristics.


Chemical Composition:


Physical properties:

Density0.322 lb / in3 or 8.91g/cm3
Resistivity4.98e-005 ohm-cm
Heating energy0.414 J/g-°C
Thermal conductivity21 W/m-°C
magnetic1.0047(AT 78 0F)
Coefficient of thermal expansion, in./in./ F x 106 
70-500 F8.5
70-1000 F9.2



The alloy can be machined by machining methods of traditional iron-based materials. Water coolant is used for high-speed machine overtime. The material shrinks during processing, and attention should be paid to the processing shrinkage allowance to ensure dimensional accuracy.



Monel 404 has good welding performance. TIG and MIG methods can be used. Monel body or EniCu-7 welding wire or electrode can be used; or manual arc welding and submerged arc welding; can be welded with carbon steel and low alloy steel



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