Monel 502 Alloy Steel Bar


Monel 502™ is a superalloy that possesses the capability to function well at significantly high temperatures. Not just that, it has been designed to handle the severe form of mechanical stress. The alloy comes with a goof creep & oxidation resistance.Super alloys have the capacity to function at very high temperatures and severe mechanical stress. 

They also have good creep and oxidation resistance. They can be formed in different shapes. They are subjected to solid-solution hardening, work hardening, and precipitation hardening for increasing their strength. There are three types of super alloys, namely cobalt-based, nickel-based, and iron-based alloys.


Chemical Composition:


Nickel (%)63 to 70
Iron (%)2 Maximum
Aluminum (%)2.5 to 3.5
Manganese (%)1.5 Maximum
Silicon (%)0.5 Maximum
Carbon (%)0.1 Maximum
Titanium (%)0.5 Maximum
Sulfur (%)0.01 Maximum
Copper (%)Remainder


Mechanical Properties:


Yield Strength1034 MPa149969 psi
Tensile Strength1158 MPa167954 psi
Poisson’s Ratio0.27 to 0.300.27 to 0.30
Elastic Modulus190 to 210 GPa27557 to 30458 ksi
Reduction of Area53%53%


Physical Properties:


Specific GravityDensitySpecific HeatElectrical ResistivityThermal ConductivityMelting PointMean Co-Efficient of Thermal ExpansionElasticity Tension Modulus
8.390.305 lb/cu.in0.1 Btu/lb/Deg-F370 Microohm-cm1212425 Degrees Fahrenheit7.626



  • Machinability: The alloy can easily be machined in a manner similar to the austenitic stainless steel.
  • Forming: Conventional techniques can be used to form the Monel 502 alloy.
  • Welding: The Monel 502 alloy is easy to weld, and most conventional methods can help get the job done.
  • Heat Treatment: Monel 502 is equally reactive to annealing or heat treatment
  • Forging: This nickel-copper alloy can be forged between the temperatures 1010 °C to 1149 °C. This is followed by water quenching technique.



  • Fasteners
  • Propeller Shafting
  • Pump Shafting
  • Valve components

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