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F55 Duplex Stainless Steel Bar


First, F55 (S32760,1.4501) Super duplex stainless steel Overview:

F55 (S32760, 1.4501) is a high alloy super duplex stainless steel, mainly used in a variety of strong corrosion environment. F55 duplex steel strength and corrosion resistance is stronger, mainly for chemical processing, petrochemical and seafloor equipment. It has strong resistance to chloride corrosion, high thermal conductivity and lower thermal expansion coefficient. Higher chromium, molybdenum and nitrogen content make it highly resistant to pitting, crevice corrosion and other corrosion. F55 (S32760, 1.45150) duplex steel excellent overall performance superior to the general dual-phase steel, such as 2205, S31803 and so on.
F55 (S32760, 1.45150) Duplex steel is resistant to a wide range of inorganic acids and organic acids. Its addition of copper gives it excellent resistance to non-oxidizing acid corrosion. However, the F55 is also resistant to alkali corrosion. However, the F55 (S32760, Duplex steels are not suitable for long-term service temperatures above 300 ° C because material toughness decreases significantly above this temperature.

Second, F55 (S32760,1.4501) Super duplex stainless steel Physical properties:

1, F55 (S32760, 1.4501) Duplex steel density: 8.0g / cm3,
2, F55 (S32760, 1.4501) Duplex steel Melting point: 1400-1450 ℃,
3, F55 (S32760, 1.4501) dual phase steel specific heat (J / kg · K): 460,
4, F55 (S32760, 1.4501) Duplex steel resistivity (μΩ · cm): 90.0,
5, F55 (S32760, 1.4501) Duplex steel thermal conductivity (W / m · K): 12.8,

Third, F55 (S32760,1.4501) super duplex stainless steel Mechanical properties:

1, F55 (S32760,1.4501) dual-phase steel mechanical properties: Tensile strength: σb ≥ 750Mpa,
2, F55 (S32760, 1.4501) dual phase steel yield strength σb ≥ 550Mpa:
3, F55 (S32760,1.4501) duplex steel elongation: δ ≥ 45%,
4, F55 (S32760, 1.4501) Duplex hardness: 270 (HB)

Fourth, F55 (S32760,1.4501) super duplex stainless steel Features:

1, F55 (S32760, 1.4501) Duplex steel reliable corrosion resistance (resistance to pitting coefficient (PREN ≥ 40) *,
2, F55 (S32760,1.4501) duplex steel excellent resistance to chloride pitting and crevice corrosion,
3, F55 (S32760, 1.45501) duplex steel excellent resistance to sulfuric acid,
4, F55 (S32760, 1.45150) duplex stainless steel with excellent chloride ion and acid (such as hydrogen sulfide) media environment stress corrosion cracking resistance,
5, F55 (S32760, 1.4501) duplex corrosion-resistant erosion and corrosion fatigue,
6, F55 (S32760, 1.4501) duplex steel excellent mechanical properties and good solderability.

Fifth, F55 (S32760,1.4501) Super duplex stainless steel The main application:

F55 (S32760, 1.4501) Super Duplex Steel Main Applications: Neutral Chloride Environment, Refining, Petrochemical and Chemical Industries, Conveyor Pipelines for Chemical Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Pulp and Paper Industry, Fertilizer Industry, Urea Industry, Phosphate fertilizer industry, marine environment, energy and environmental protection industry, light industry and food industry, food and pharmaceutical industry equipment, high strength structural parts, submarine pipeline, smoke machine desalination, desalination desalination equipment, sulfuric acid plant, marine engineering fasteners, etc. .

Sixth, F55 (S32760,1.4501) super duplex stainless steel specifications and supply status:

1, Variety Category: Shanghai Baoyu special alloy can produce a variety of F55 seamless pipe, F55 steel, F55 bar, F55 forgings, F55 flange, F55 ring, F55 pipe, F55 strip, F55 wire and F55 supporting welding consumables.
2, the delivery status: seamless pipe: solid solution + acid white, the length can be length; plate: solid solution, pickling, trimming; pipe: solid solution acid white RT% flaw detection, Bar to wrought state, the surface polished or car light; strip by cold-rolled, solid solution soft state, to the oxide skin delivery; wire to solid acid pickling pan or straight strip, solid solution straight fine grinding Light status delivery.