M10 High Speed Steel Bar


M10 high-speed steel is a molybdenum-based high-speed tool steel in American standards, and the grade of M10 steel is Mo8Cr4V2 steel. The main alloying element of molybdenum high-speed tool steel is molybdenum, which does not contain tungsten or contains a small amount of tungsten. Its main characteristics are fine carbide particles, uniform distribution, good toughness, but high decarburization sensitivity and overheat sensitivity, and a narrow range of hot processing and heat treatment.



Chemical composition (mass fraction %):


  • Carbon C: 0.95~1.05
  • Silicon Si: 0.20·0.45
  • Manganese Mn: 0.10~0.40
  • Phosphorus P: ≤0.030
  • Sulfur: ≤0.030
  • Chromium: Cr.75~4.50
  • Mo: 7.75~8.50
  • Vanadium V: 1.80~2.20


Quenched and tempered:


The preheating temperature is 730~850℃, the quenching heating temperature is 1196℃ in the salt bath furnace, the controllable atmosphere furnace is 1207℃, the quenching medium is oil, air cooling or salt bath, the tempering temperature is 550℃, and the hardness after tempering is ≥64HRC.




It is used to process and produce ferrous or non-ferrous metals of growing chips and short chips, such as steel, cast steel, austenitic stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, malleable cast iron, alloy cast iron, etc.


Supply status and hardness:


Annealed state, hardness 255HBS; cold drawn state, hardness 269HBS; cold drawn state, annealing hardness 262HBS.

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