DIN 1.7102 Spring Steel Bar



DIN 1.7102 is German Standard Spring Steel with high quality.


Equivalent to 54SiCr6


Material No.:




Material group:


Chemical composition:


(typical analysis at in %)




Hot forming and heat treatment:


Mechanical properties:


0,2% proof stress Rp0,2 [N/mm2] Tensile strength Rm [N/mm2] Fracture elongation A5 [%] Reduction of area Z [%]


Notch impact energy ISO-V [J]


German standard: International steel grades: DINEN10089 SAE: 9254


JIS: SUP 12 Hot rolled steel for quenched and tempered springs


Deviation in chemical composition on request


Si alloyed quenched and tempered steel for production of springs with smaller sag tendency, especially of high-stressed automotive suspension springs, produced by cold and hot forming



Hot rolling:

Hot forming to springs: Normalising:

Soft annealing: Hardening: Tempering:


Treated for cold shearability (+S): Soft annealed (+A):

Spheroidized annealed (+AC):


1050 - 850°C

940 - 840°C

850 - 880°C/air

640 - 680°C/furnace min. 840°C/oil


375 - 500°C/air


max. 280 HB max. 248 HB max. 230 HB

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