20CrMoH Structural Steel Bar


20CrMoH is a widely used structural steel, 20CrMoH bar, 20CrMoH bonded steel, 20CrMoH steel, smelting process is stable, good hardenability, carbonitriding process performance is good, the amount of deformation after heat treatment, no temper brittleness , Processing and manufacturing performance and welding performance are good. 20CrMoH should make medium and small module gear, shaft and so on. It can also be used for the blades below the medium pressure where the steam turbine works in the overpressure steam zone.


Chemical Composition:

0.17~0.230.17 ~ 0.370.55 ~ 0.90≤0.030≤0.0300.85~1.250.15 ~ 0.35≤0.25


Mechanical Propoerties:

Yield Strength
Tensile Strength
Elongation δ5 (%): Reduction
of area ψ (%):
Impact energy
Akv (J):
Impact toughness
value αkv (J/cm2)
≥ 1079 ≥ 1258 ≥ 12≥ 53≥ 95≥ 59(6)≥ 295 HB


Equivalent Grade:


StandardGradeStandardGradeStandardGrade (Steel Number)StandardGradeStandardGrade (Steel Number)StandardGrade (Steel Number)StandardGrade
GB/T 307720CrMoAISI SAE;
4120DIN EN 10083-325CrMo4 (1.7218)JIS G4053SCM420NF EN 10083-3,
NF A35-551
25CrMo4 (1.7218),
BS EN 10083-3,
BS 970 Part 1
25CrMo4 (1.7218),
ISO 683-118CrMo4




20CrMo alloy steel is used in the manufacture of non-corrosive media in chemical equipment and high pressure pipes, fasteners, steam turbines, boiler blades and forgings with working temperature below 250 °C, and important carburizing parts such as gears and shafts in general machines. It can also be used in place of 1Cr13 steel to manufacture medium pressure, low pressure steam turbines in the superheated steam zone pressure stage working blades.



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