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TA1(GR1) Titanium Alloy Bar


The characteristics of industrial pure titanium are: the strength is not high, but the plasticity is good, and it is easy to process. The stamping, welding, and cutting processability are good; it is good in atmosphere, seawater, wet chlorine and oxidative, neutral, weak reducing media. The corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance are superior to most austenitic stainless steels but the heat resistance is poor and the operating temperature is not too high.


Industrial pure titanium is divided into three grades: TA1, TA2 and TA3 according to the impurity content. The gap impurity elements of these three kinds of industrial pure titanium are gradually increased, so the mechanical strength and hardness also increase gradually, but the plasticity and toughness decrease accordingly. The pure titanium used in industry is TA2 because of its moderate corrosion resistance and comprehensive mechanical properties. TA3 can be used for high corrosion resistance and strength requirements. TA1 can be used for better molding properties.


(1) Mainly used as stampings and corrosion-resisting structural parts with a working temperature of 360 degrees or less but with high mechanical strength, such as skeleton and skin of aircraft, engine accessories, seawater-resistant corrosion-resistant pipes, valves, Pump. Desalination system components, chemical heat exchangers, pumps, distillation towers, coolers, stirrers, tees, impellers, solids, ion pumps, compressor valves and diesel engines pistons, connecting rods, leaf springs Wait.


(2) TA1 and TA2 have very good low temperature toughness and high low temperature strength when iron content is 0.095%, oxygen content is 0.08%, hydrogen content is 0.0009%, and nitrogen content is 0.0062%. It can be used as -259°C. The following low temperature structural materials.

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