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TA4(GR4) Titanium Alloy Wire

TA4 titanium alloy is an α-type titanium alloy, which is α-type single-phase state at room temperature and use temperature, and can not be heat-treated (annealing is the only form of heat treatment), mainly rely on solid solution strengthening. Room temperature strength is generally lower than that of β'> type and α+β type titanium alloys (but higher than industrial pure titanium), and the strength and creep strength at high temperature (500-600°C) are the highest among the three types of titanium alloys. And the organization is stable, oxidation resistance and welding performance is good, corrosion resistance and machinability are also good, but the plasticity is low (the thermoplastic is still good), poor room temperature stamping performance. The most widely used is TA7, which has moderate strength and sufficient plasticity in the annealed state, good weldability, and can be used below 500°C; when the content of impurity elements (oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc.) in the gap is extremely low, It also has good toughness and comprehensive mechanical properties at ultra-low temperatures and is one of the excellent ultra-low temperature alloys.


TA4 has slightly higher tensile strength than industrial pure titanium and can be used as a medium strength structural material. Mainly used as welding wire in China.

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