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TC4(GR5) Titanium Alloy Bar


Titanium is a new type of metal, high strength, corrosion resistance, good low temperature performance, chemical reactivity, thermal conductivity coefficient, elastic modulus is small and so on.



Material: TC4/GR5, Alloy

Size: 4 × 150 × 150mm

Thickness: 4mm


Performance of TC4 titanium alloy chemical composition:


1. TC4 titanium alloy heat treatment: mpa, TC4 material solution strengthening treatment, not increase strength, also to 1100MPa, the general strength in the annealed state 900MPa

2. Mechanical Properties of TC4 Titanium: tensile strength σb / MPa≥895, predetermined residual elongation stress σr0.2 / MPa≥825, elongation δ5 (%) ≥10, reduction of area ψ (%) ≥25

3. TC4 Titanium density: 4.51 (g / cm3) Operating Temperature -100 ~ 550 (℃)

4. TC4 titanium alloy chemical composition:

TC4 titanium (Ti) apart, iron (Fe) ≤0.30, carbon (C) ≤0.10, nitrogen (N) ≤0.05, (H) ≤0.015, oxygen (O) ≤0.20, (Al) 5.5 ~ 6.8, vanadium (V) 3.5 ~ 4.5


TC4 features:


(1) The composition of titanium alloy TC4 is Ti-6Al-4V, which belongs to (α+β) titanium alloy and has good mechanical properties. Stronger than strength. The intensity of TC4 is sb=1.012 GPa, density g=4.4*103, specific strength sb/g=23.5, and the specific strength sb/g of alloy steel is less than 18.


(2) The thermal conductivity of titanium alloy is low. The thermal conductivity of titanium alloy is 1/5 of that of iron and 1/10 of that of aluminum. The thermal conductivity of TC4 is l = 7.955 W/m?K. The elastic modulus of titanium alloy is lower. The elastic modulus of TC4 is E = 10 GPa, which is about 1/2 of that of steel, so titanium alloys are easily deformed during processing. Mostly used in medical and aviation and other fields.


(3) Ti-6Al-4V is a heat-treated titanium alloy that has good weldability in sheet formability and forging properties. It is used in the manufacture of jet engine compressor blades, impellers, etc. Others such as landing gear wheels and structures Parts, fasteners, brackets, aircraft accessories, frames, purlin structure, pipes, are used very widely.


(4) The surface hardness of TC4 itself is not high, HRC30. However, the heat of the processing will cause the surface of the material to be oxidized, nitrided, and carbonized to form a mixed skin of titanium oxide, titanium dioxide, titanium oxide, titanium carbide, and titanium nitride. Among them, titanium carbide is an important part of cemented carbide, hardness and tool quite; titanium nitride is a wear-resistant material, hardness is not low is often used for gold coating of jewelry; titanium dioxide is a ceramic glaze when firing Ingredients, hardness is not low (Mohs hardness 7,45 steel is only 5.5. Mohs hardness is not easy to plastic deformation of gemstones, ore, glass and other measurement methods.



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